Currently i have 3 young donkeys living with me in the village of dol. My first donkey Pano came upon me by chance and now i consider it great luck! I met him when he was just a few days old and went to visit him and his mum most days. A few months later i found out the owners planned to kill him for meat. I was horrified and of course had to stop it. So there i suddenly was..a donkey parent! I had no experience at all with donkeys so learnt as i went along. My next donkey was lily-rose, she came from a nice home and i needed a companion for Pano as donkeys do not like to be alone. It was love at first sight for them! Lula is my 3rd donkey and again came to me unplanned she is actually Pano’s half sister she was certainly in need of a good home and we are very happy to have her with us.

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