Check out “donkeys are great” very own facebook page, written by Pano himself!


2 years ago
Emma Nissim Designs

look what our lovely donkey godmother is making for us! yes and that is me handsome pano on the bags!

Godmother to more animals then humans 😂 I am printing these organic cotton bags especially to raise money for my gorgeous god donkeys that live in Croatia. Their mummy is is an incredible yogi and ... See more

2 years ago
The Donkey Sanctuary

please sign and share.......

⚠️ In case you missed it...

In just 11 days time, a small, scared donkey will be dragged through the packed streets of Villanueva de la Vera, surrounded by people pushing, shouting and ... See more

2 years ago

we can't believe its the end of the month already! we have so much news but had no time to share it all with you. So lets start by sharing this lovely photo of my mum lady Penelope and her young ... See more

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