Helping to heal pain

What is pain? it comes in many forms. And to each individual pain is individual. A few weeks ago i broke my wrist, that was an immediate pain then to a nagging pain after sometime…at least i knew it would go at some point.

For sometime now i have had another kind of pain, maybe thats not the word for it, when a part of your life falls apart and you just don’t know even how you arrived at that point.

All i know is that its a long story too long to tell now but it will surely fall out of me if i begin at least bit by bit. So although i wanted this to be about my donkeys, my cats, the horse ..well they are all linked with me and because of them i survive this pain and they heal me. As one of the ‘donkeys are great’ facebook followers who i have never met posted one day on our page ‘living with donkeys is your real fortune.’

I am close to losing my home that i bought and business to the man i trusted who used me for money and cheated on me. I am in a country that i feel quite alone in with law not on my side. a man who insulted my donkeys and said ‘he only got a horse so he did not have to look at their stupid faces’. He posed as the sole owner of my home and made everyone who did not know me believe i was some crazy english donkey woman…

And as for the horse, he gave up on her fast. Horses are wise, she gave up on him first. I should have been as wise as her. Zena is now my horse because she knows i took the time to work with her. She did not come ready trained in a package all ready to go.

I have my fortune. He may think he is getting his, a house he never paid for, a house that because of his desire to have a ready trained packaged horse in one minute is falling apart because he did not take the time to finish anything off. Because he did not work with what he had , just wanted more.

He will live with that in some where deep in the back of his mind, He may never acknowledge this in this lifetime.

i have my real fortune and its priceless .